Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Voter's Musings

Vote karo! Vote karo! Agar aap vote nahin kar rahe ho to aap so rahe ho. This is what is being shown in the commercials nowadays. Well, today I exercised my right to select our government. It was wonderful, I mean, suddenly realizing that you are important and your decision will choose the people who would run our country. But then, did I make the right decision? Who knows? At least, I did my duty of being a citizen of this country. I am above 18, educated, knowledgeable about the scenario of my country and can think for myself. Most of my friends and my college mates who are all above 18, don’t even have their voter id card, leave alone going to the booth to vote. Before the elections, when I asked them if they were going to vote or not, they said no. That’s it…a flat no. They are more interested in studying for the upcoming semester exams than in having a say in choosing the people who will actually work for our country. I am not saying that examinations are not important. Of course they are, but if we youngsters don’t cogitate, who will?

With great powers come great responsibilities. If we have been bestowed with the power to select the managers of the country, then we should be responsible enough to do our duty properly as we expect them to do theirs.

P.S. I really should be studying now or I will lose my right to use the internet anymore :|


  1. MAY THE WORST MAN WIN. That's the mantra thats followed in India. Maybe we youngsters should form a party and fight fire with fire....if it's cash-for-votes that these boors and bumpkins indulge in, maybe we should do the same....but we would make the ENDS justify the means. we would keep our promises (and don't you snicker!!)
    btw, i'll need a few tens of crores and some GOOD, anybody interested??

  2. i just said choose the people
    not go and stand yourself
    and if u want to..u least then i'll have a famous brother

  3. er...i was just presenting another point of view....what if NONE of the candidates deserve to run the country, take our decisions FOR's high time our generation WOKE UP

  4. yeah Tulika..
    u r right ..Indeed if we have been provided with such a great right then we must exercise that right responsibly!
    me too remember the 1st time I voted..I was so very excited that I was the first person to vote on my booth :P
    Happy Democracy!

  5. Nice one Tulika... But what India needs today is leaders who are above the politics and think for India's development and not theirs... And also young leaders with fresh ideas... As for this time's election, I don't find any party worth the Centre... We need more people like Mallika Sarabhai and Meera Sanyal - indipendent candidates (read: tagged as 'Spoilers' by our very dear PM)... We need to awaken to the needs of our country and people and find solutions...

  6. Good to hear that you voted... Atleast there is one less person with cynicism about the political system. The system does have its own issues.. It will never change unless and untill we make an effort for the change. That change happens when we vote...

  7. @preposterous girl
    haha..even i was one of the first ones to reach the booth..thanks for reading my blog

    @Dazed by the light i see
    We do need to..but my point is that we should still do our duty and be responsible citizens as much as we should "awaken to the needs of our country and people and find solutions"

    @Mad Blogger
    Thanks for agreeing with me :)

  8. i tend to agree with the monk...the EC should act on the demand to include a choice on the EVM for "no choice". Then we can be responsible citizens who will exercise our right not to choose and have the choice noted!

  9. I am so glad that you are so committed to the worlds largest democracy!!!!
    @ monk who whishes he bought a ferrari, go for it bro!!!! finance ka to pata nahi par mera vote pakka!! mera bike use kar sakta hai campaigning karne ke liye... :)

  10. for me voting today means choosing better among worst

    what shall one do when all the candidates are mere suckers

  11. I just realised I had written "indipendent" instead of INDEPENDENT!!!!

  12. Well, its been an over-hyped issue always. Atleast educated people shoulld go, its a choice for sub-urban and rural people, because their awareness is still in doubt!
    And u keep reading for ur sems...